We would like to show a rough cut of our latest documentary to a small group of associates next week in NYC and trying to find a space. It's a rough cut, so we don't need a state of the art screening room.  A DVD player and monitor will be adequate.  Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated.  

Here are details:

Date:  Thursday, Dec. 15

Time:  3 - 3.5 hours midday, preferably

Guests:  12 - 15

Anywhere somewhat close to Grand Central would be nice, but that's flexible.

Need to keep costs as low as possible. What's new, right?  Thank you!


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Hi Bev,

You might try touching base with folks at the Edit Center, a training center in NYC. One of their classes worked with our footage on Skatopia a few years back. Their facility is small, but there may be a screening room downstairs at their partner post-house Final Frame. They might be interested in screening if some of their staff or students could sit in. Just a thought. Alan Oxman was our contact there: aoxman@mac.com

Best of luck,


You are the most connected person I know!  Thank you.  Just sent an email to Alan.  Also, have a viable option if that doesn't work out.  Location isn't as good, but price & tech specs are right!

Thanks so much.



A big thank you to Judith & Rawan Jabaji for helping us out with this request!  We're all set for next week.  


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