Does anyone have any leads on app developers?  Just trying research what's involved cost and production wise with developing an app or video game as a companion piece for the Harrington film I'm developing.  just doing some initial research on this.

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Hey Daniel!

I think apps and other types of transmedia are hugely important for any project.

Here in MN coders and designers charge around $75 - 100 / hour to create something custom.  Depending on what info you are trying to get across, there are different easy ways to get your app through on a low budget.  Here is some info, pls keep in mind I'm a producer, not an app developer, so there are more options out there than what I'm listing:

- create a web app (a glorified webpage that works on mobile phones), these tend to be cheaper bcs more people know how to do them.  Down side is that they require a WIFI or Internet connection to work.

- non-custom.  There are a lot of companies starting up that are really good at producing a specific type of app.  You upload your info / content into their template, and bam!  You have an app.  Their services are more subscription based (one i'm looking at is $200 / month) and they will take care of submitting it to iTunes and Android market.  Downside is that you'll be working off a template.  Any customization will take additional $$$.

- Mobile Website.  Just like a website but it will conform to the small screens of mobile phones.  There are a lot of DIY resources for this, and the costs are minimal... but you will still need to buy a URL, and host it.  If you are already building a site for your film, why not include a mobile ready site too?...

Good luck!


Thanks Sergio,

This was helpful.  Have you used any transmedia for projects?  If so,  do you have a link? 



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