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Great news, Dan!  and tx for letting us know, Colin!  (Where did you see this?  I missed it!)

Hi Judith,

I'm on NAPT's email list.

I think I signed up on their home page: http://www.nativetelecom.org/


Ok, I've never posted on this before, but here goes.
My new film, "The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today", the story of the Supreme Court case that started separation of church and state in public schools and the courageous woman who brought it has received several awards: Emmys for Best Historical Documentary and Best Writing in the Mid-America region, a CINE Golden Eagle, and a Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary (local) from the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (and no, I didn't have a sex change).

It will be broadcast as an orphan on PBS in May via PBS Plus, so I have no idea when, where, or if it will be on station near you. Try tuning in Sunday evenings at 2AM for the most likely slot. Or check the website thelordisnotontrial.com

Peace all.


(See, that wasn't so hard, was it, Jay?  All the rest of you, give Jay props by following his lead and letting us know of your awards and such!!)

Okay then. I learned a couple of weeks ago that my next film "The Assassination of N.G. Gonzales" was awarded a major grant from The Humanities Council of South Carolina. I was going to apply for a few more grants but, given the current assault on public broadcasting, I think I better get this film made as soon as possible. 


Congratulations Jay and congratulations Daniel!

New Boston-related news for Deep Down: we've finally secured a Boston prime time broadcast for the film! Deep Down has been given the following air dates: 


Wednesday, 5/25, 10 –11pm

Thursday, 5/26, 10 –11pm.

The film screened on Independent Lens in November but never did have a primetime Boston broadcast because it was the week of the Thanksgiving fund drive. So if you live in Boston and want to see the film, this is your chance. Check out www.deepdownfilm.org for more. 


Sally Rubin

Workshop alum `09

Coming up on POV this year:

Robin Hessman (‘03) - My Perestroika
Ramona Diaz (‘02)- The Learning

Just wanted to be sure we cheered -- Workshoppers ROCK!
Note from KATHY LO:   "Applause all around!!"

Great article abt Robin Hessman ('03) and "My Perestroika" in NY Times today -


Congrats and good luck on the IFC run!

A note from Robin Hessman to share:  We have exciting news! Due to sold out screenings, "My Perestroika" is being HELD OVER into April at New York’s IFC Center. Check the website or call the theater for more information. Please make sure to tell your New York friends who missed the film at IFC that they have another chance!

Oooh -- more good CONGRATS:


Mara Agui Carter, Chairman of the NALIP Board of Directors [AND WORKSHOP '05!], has produced a new feature documentary film with director/producer Michele Fillion, narrated by Julianna Margulles. The documentary has been selected for its festival premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival on Sunday, April 10.

"No Job For a Woman" is a film about how war reporting changed when women reporters, previously excluded from war zones, found their way in. The film follows the stories of three courageous women journalists who are driven to change history by writing it themselves. It illuminates the ways in which their groundbreaking journalism affected the world's understanding of the war.

(from the NALIP Newsletter)

Another fabulous congrats:  Jay Rosenstein's "The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today" (WILL-TV) won a Peabody Award!  The announcement called it "a beautifully researched documentary" that "examines a First Amendment case critical to the establishment of separation of church and state in public schools.   Bravo!


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