Ken Burns' Vietnam war doc - will Latinos be represented?

I'm a fan of Ken Burns' work but was disappointed with the under-representation of Latinos in his WWII doc.  Now that he's been greenlit to make a doc about the Vietnam War, I wonder what's the best way to ensure that he includes Latino stories in it?  

Does anyone know who at PBS or Ken Burns' production company would someone write to express hope that Latinos are well-represented in Ken Burns' vietnam doc?  Thanks!

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I think this is a great idea.  I don't know Ken, sorry.  The only Workshopper I can remember who worked with Ken was Barnard Jaffier ('07) and he's not on this site yet.  Hmm, maybe I'll email him for that, too.  At PBS, you might start with Kathy Lo, who has been our Workshop person for a number of years so will be interested to hear from you, can direct you further.  best, J
thanks judith.  I'll email Kathy Lo and see who at PBS I'd send a letter to.
He would have to be insane not to have representation given the ethnic and socioeconomic makeup of the ground troops in Vietnam...but then again same could be said about WWII.  I heard some horror stories about "The War" where stories of African Americans and Latinos were being "shoved" into the cut at the last minute because feedback from some initial cuts indicated a lack of that representation. Not sure if that's true or a dirty rumor, and I haven't seen it so I can't really speak. Otherwise, I really really like his work and hope, like you, the representation happens. He's a fantastic filmmaker.
I'm a fan of Burns' work. Hoping he tells a story that's as inclusive as it should be.  As for the WWII doc, after it was completed and people realized that Latinos were absent, Hector Galan shot some additional footage, which was added on.


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