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I'm looking for a talented and hungry editor to collaborate on my one-hour doc, KIVALINA (wt).  The ideal candidate should be someone who has a solid experience in working with docs, as an assistant or in a similar capacity, and is looking to cut their teeth on their first long-format production.  Any and all leads, please send them my way:  jennimonet@gmail.com 



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Why are you looking only for an editor who's new to longform?  I mean, it's great to give new folks a chance, but if the right person already has some experience...?
Looking for someone I can afford, Judith.  Budget is tight and seasoned candidates that I'd love to bring on board are too expensive at the moment.  Perhaps in the future when I can raise more funds.  Any advice to retweak my search?

I still think I wouldn't limit the search -- you can  say you have limited funds but it's a great project, and see who applies.  Just be very straight:  "I have x money and need to get to a 15 minute trailer (or rough cut, or whatever), and I'm hoping we can do in y weeks.  Will that work for you?"  or something like that.  If they say, "Oh no, I need to be paid a zillion dollars more," then you say, "Oh too bad, I would have loved working with you.  Got any suggestions for someone who could take this on at a lower price but still be great?  I just don't have the money now."  You never know, sometimes people love the story and want to help.  Sometimes they don't, but they can pass you on to someone else. 

BTW, do you need them to be in the same city as you?  It's good to say that. 

Late in getting back to you, Judith.  Thanks for all the good tips.  Also, I noticed you passing around my inquiry amongst the group.  Appreciate it!  J.

Jenni, it's so wonderful to reconnect!

I recommend that you contact Eugene Li  - "Eugene Yi" <eugene.s.yi@gmail.com>.  Eugene AE'ed "Inside Job." Also try  "Chris Branca" <chrispbranca@gmail.com>.  He AE'ed "Page One." Both are super smart and nice guys.  I had the pleasure of working with them at The Edit Center about a year ago.  Jenni, also try Cindy Lee.  She cut "Hot Coffee," a doc I helped produce (in a very limited capacity).  She is QUITE wonderful!  She's been working as an editor-editor now for a few years, so may be a little more expensive, but you should still get in touch.  If she's not a good fit, she'll be able to suggest other people to approach. "Cindy Lee" <leeycindy@gmail.com>

Good luck!


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