Check out the new Structure Films website. Any feedback is appreciated! We are noodling around with the design and could use some thoughts from great producers like yourselves:

Thanks all! 

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Beautiful site, David. Elegant use of full screen video and great design elements. Nice that you've kept it to 3 pages. I think you're good to go...

Very minor quibbles: the home screen down arrow suggests that it will be a vertical scrolling website, so I spent a few seconds trying to drag the "Structure magneto-cloud" icon downward, then tried scrolling down. [This may be because I've been watching a lot of interactive documentaries that tease vertical scrolling with arrows...]

The full-screen video seems to beg for a little low background audio... the canal-boat comes to mind. I say this with trepidation, since I am often annoyed with auto-play audio on websites.  Maybe with conspicuous 'mute' button?

Finally, a very, very minor note: sometimes when clicking between pages, some sort of submenu flashes and disappears in the upper left. I had to refresh the page and re-click the pages to get this to repeat. (I'm using Chrome/Mac if that helps.)

All the best. Look forward to seeing some of your work.



Thanks Colin- some great input! I agree, and I'll play around a bit. 


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