I just completed a 60-minute doc on New Jersey political history called THE POWER OF THE GOVERNOR.  In 1947 New Jersey rewrote its state constitution and transformed one of the weakest governorships into one of the most powerful -- an experiment in executive authority.  I was given three months to do this, from start to finish, and so please forgive all the talking heads (if you watch). 


This one may not make it up to PBS national, as it is very very NJ-focused, and also because it looks like everyone here on staff will be losing their jobs July 1.  It remains to be seen what the "new NJN" will be, but unless something changes in the next 30 days this anomaly of a local PBS station will be no more. [We have a daily news show, for example -- have had one for nearly 40 years].  If you want to learn anything about New Jersey from this documentary, go online and watch the film at the 18:00 minute mark,



a chapter called THE BULLY PULPIT, and you will get a glimpse at how screwed up the New Jersey media market is, and how this station NJN was vainly attempting to provide New Jersey citizens with some increased level of information and -- dare I say -- state pride. 


Sorry to be a bummer but I guess I'd thought I'd get the word out about the documentary, but couldn't help adding on this lame news.

Keep plugging away fellow local producers!


nj.com – Mark Magyar

Where all the power sits in New Jersey

“. . . well-crafted — and timely — documentary”

NJN / The Power of the GovernorThe Power of the Governor is the type of documentary that only NJN would make, and its extensive use of film clips from past administrations is a subtle reminder that it has filled the television news void in the absence of a commercial television station covering the state.”


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Keep us posted, Bob!  Tough times all over, but we still believe in public broadcasting, and this kind of show reminds us why!

Hey Bob,


Congrats. Will check it out. 





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