I'm thinking we need a forum where folks can share job openings they know about.  For example, here's one that crossed my e-desk last week, from a Boston-area colleague:
Alice Apley and I are co-producing and co-directing a 30 minute documentary on the life of David Hamilton Smith. We are looking for someone to come on board for four to six months as an associate producer + archival footage/image researcher who will be responsible for finding and negotiating the licensing of archival materials we will be using in the film. This is a part-time position with pay commiserate with experience and qualifications.
If you or someone you know would be good for this position, please contact me:
David Tames

Topic background:
David Hamilton Smith was the the medical researcher who co-developed and brought to market the first Haemophilus influenza type B vaccine. The vaccine effectively eliminated Spinal Meningitis in the United States,  prior to the introduction of the vaccine Spinal Meningitis was the leading cause of childhood deafness and metal retardation in children in the United States.
david tames
blog: http://kino-eye.com
twitter: cinemakinoeye
mobile: 617 216 1096

I don't know more than this, and it may even be filled (sorry, I was on vacation), but David is a good guy.


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Here is a very good job in Oregon for those who are interested/ know someone interested in cross-platform multimedia production:

Job: Multi-Media Assistant


Position: OPB seeks an innovative go-getter to be our Multimedia Assistant. This is a full-time, regular status, non-exempt (hourly) position with benefits.

Position Summary: The Multimedia Assistant is the go-to person for preparing and posting content in support of OPB cross-platform content initiatives. This position assists producers,
editors and reporters in preparing multimedia content for opb.org and
social media sites. This includes the creation and editing of video or
audio, photographs, graphics and preparation of other multimedia
resources as needed, as well as helping to train staff in optimizing
content for the web.

Working Conditions: Most work is done in an office setting. Extended periods of using a computer. Lifting or carrying equipment up to 30 lbs. may be required. Work schedule may
require varied hours and the potential for some weekend work.

To find out more, use the link posted above to access OPB's Employment page
Mountain Lake PBS has two editing jobs posted right now. One short term (Cirque du Soleil PBS pledge special) that starts immediately and another full time editor/videographer (entry-level pay range).

Details: http://www.mountainlake.org/about/job-listings.html

Come create great programming in the Adirondacks - either for a few weeks or a lifetime!

Colin Powers
Temporary public radio producer job opening at OPB / Oregon Public Broadcasting. (for those cross-platform media types).

Please spread the word.

This forum is very useful for me. I'm based in Los Angeles and currently looking for work (producing, associate producing, research, archival research, writing). If anyone has any postings or opportunities to share, please send them my way.

Many thanks,
Judith. I like this idea. Can we set up a separate forum for jobs? Right now the information is buried in this discussion. Do I set this up or does it have to be set up by the administrator?
Anyone can set up a Forum or Blog, but they're always going to come in order of posting, latest one at the bottom. Is the problem that order, or does it need a new title? If it's these, I think I have to fix it. Or is there something else you think would help?
tx, Judith

I think the problem is the order and I think it needs a new title where users can add to the forum without having to use the "comment" to add more listings. If it stays this way, the user would have to find your original post and then go to the bottom of the page for any new information. The user is going to two or three levels to get the information and I think it would be more useful for all of us if the information was more accessible. Hope that helps.

Van Dora
Agreed. This could be an incredible resource for those of us who are independents, but it would be ideal if it could be a separate forum with a new post for every new job listing. Also, if there's any way we could sign up to get email 'alerts' (with links to the posts on the site) when new jobs are added it would be a dream. Finally, it might be helpful to know if the posting is open only to Producers Workshop alums or if we're allowed to share it with our broader networks. Thanks, Judith!
Well, some things work well on Ning and others don't... I figured out how to make the posting go from most recent (top) to oldest (bottom) on all pages, but it specifically says you can't do this on the Forums. I'm asking why.
You can set it up to get "alerts" -- you go to Settings on the right side of the page, then to email notifications, and choose when you get notified. I think it's better to group listings under one forum board, rathern than having a separate forum for every new listing. Don't you think that would get messy?
And I don't know if people want these notices shared widely or not. I know there was a strong feeling that Workshoppers did not want their videos shared off the site; they felt they could post to YouTube or Vimeo for that.
So I'll ask!
I consulted with Kal, who pointed me to an admin help page that had exactly our complaint about posting order: "On blog posts the creator can choose whether the oldest or newest post shows on top. This feature is not available for forum posts. Is it possible for Ning to add this option?"

And Ning's response was: "The forum isn't really designed to have newest discussions up top. However, we're looking at some long-term changes to the forum and we'll keep your feedback in mind."

So I guess we're stuck for now with the oldest-on-top order. If they do make an update, I'll certainly jump on it -- it would make much better sense.

In the meantime, do set your site to let you know via email when there are new postings, so at least you know to look.



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