Hi Judith,


Several fellow Doc makers have asked me about the dates for this year's workshop and I realized I haven't seen/heard any info.  

Rumors are flying that the CPB/PBS Producer's Workshop is no more!  --Say it isn't so!


Can you give us a little insight on this?   

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I guess I should have written, folks, apologies, but the truth is: I don't know.  Everyone loves the Workshop -- funders, stations, Consortia, etc. -- with high praise for what you all have contributed to the media world and public broadcasting.  You are the Workshop and we know it!

But somehow the funding process has been slow this year.  Usually we know by January that we have funding, and  applications open in February, close end of March, leading to an end of June Workshop.  This year, if we get the funding -- and we're hoping to hear very, very soon, but who knows? -- it could be a summer or even early fall Workshop. 

Please tell folks who ask that they should send a note to Kathy Lo at PBS (klo@pbs.org).  Kathy and Angie are in there pushing for Workshop '11, and Kathy is keeping a list of people who've inquired so she can send out notification when (fingers crossed!) we get a greenlight. 

I'll let you all know as soon as I do, I promise. 

Thanks for piping up, Pam, and I'm hoping as hard as you are!


Judith, does it make any sense to send emails of "support" for the workshop, or is it not at that stage yet?

Just a thought.

The workshop was fantastic for me and many others- -clearly.



Wow!  This is TRAGIC!  And yes, I'd certainly be happy to write a letter of support stating how instrumental the PW has been in advancing my own career...


Let us know how we can help.




Thanks enormously - this kind of support is so meaningful, a real testimony to how caring and connected you are!  It seems to me that notes might help (and how could they hurt?),  but I  don't know the  processes well enough to be sure.  I'll send an email to Angie and Kathy, and keep you posted on their advice.  Workshoppers rule!  Judith
Angie says the Workshop is "in concurrence," which is the CPB process for deciding yea or nay; sometimes the process is slow, sometimes quicker.  She doesn't think notes from you all would make a big difference at this point.  That said, if you still feel you want to write, the Sr VP for this is Joseph Tovares.

Judith, I have referred several colleagues to your workshop and now I read this... :(( I  am keeping my fingers crossed. It is such a fantastic opportunity!


All the best, Judith, I hope CPB funds it. I know times are tough, but I second the initiative above, and if you need our support I surely will be at the forefront.


Thanks, Chelo.  Don't give up hope yet!  I'm hearing that CPB is making progress on concurring the 2011 Workshop, but we have to keep fingers crossed.  I'll let you know as soon as I can ...


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