That is the question.

Lorena asked if we could turn off the "share" functions
on a video, so a Workshopper could offer a video for viewing but not
allow it to be re-posted.  The answer is Yes -- but if I turn it off for
one person, it's off for all of you. 

Does that sound like a good idea or a bad one?  Are you counting on this viral capacity, think it's normal and nice, or prefer to lose it, or don't really
care if it's there or not?

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Don’t know if this is even possible, but maybe we could have two sections for video posting… one that’s available to share and another that won’t let you. Would that get around the logistics?
That, I think, is not possible. The infrastruture doesn't have that kind of redundancy and flexibility. So it's an either/or decision, not both. Sorry.
Lorena, Judith, one preliminary way in which this can be done is by going to your page, then My Videos, then on the Video page, after you upload it, NING gives you the option of clicking "Allow anybody to see it", "Only Your Friends", "Only you". If you allow only your friends to view it and make it clear that is not for sharing, then we should be able to respect your wish.

But yes, that feature would be VERY important, especially for works-in-progress.
I would prefer it if the share function were turned off.
I like leaving the share function off.

Let this be a safe space for Workshoppers to share work-in-progress, etc, amongst ourselves.

There are plenty of other video streaming options for those who want their videos to be viral.
I agree that it would be preferable for the share function to be turned off.
But to clarify: the network is closed in that one may only join by invitation, but open in that anyone may view it (even someone who finds it by searching on Google). Am I correct about that?
Yes, I'd like to know that too -- if we post a video, will it show up in web searches? I'd also prefer a 'closed' area for posting just to the group. There are plenty of other places to post things we'd like to share with more people.
I'm on vacation, but will check on these points when I'm back. I don't know if our posted videos show up in web searches, will check on that; I don't see why they wouldn't, do you? And I think that the only people who would be able to share any videos would be fellow Workshoppers -- everyone else (visiting executive producers, PBS types, folks who happen on our site by Google, etc.) can only view on the site, not access any functions like Share. But the fellow Workshoppers would be able to share, if I don't disable the function. I'm beginning to feel there's a consensus that I should disable it before opening the site to the general public, which I expect to do Sept. 13.
More info next week when I'm back in the office!
I'll decide by end of the week, but for now, I am planning to turn off the "Share" function on the site before opening. It seems the overwhelming consensus is to do this. So again, now is the time to speak up if you feel otherwise.
I, too, support the "off" option, rebel that I am. As long as everyone here can view it and give feedback, etc. , that seems to be the primary usage.
Hi, Shukree. Everyone will be able to view, but only Workshoppers (PWO "members") can comment directly -- non-members have to contact you thru your direct links, not on the site. It's one of the limitations that Ning says they might fix...
tx for your thoughts,
Here's what Kal passed along regarding search functions:

“By default, everything on your social network that visitors can see when they're signed out can be indexed by search engines like Google, and will show up in search results. If you'd like to remove certain pages of your social network from search results, you [meaning the network admin person] can prevent search engines from indexing those pages by editing your robots.txt file. It might take some time for these changes to be reflected in search results.”

So if we're nervous about posted videos, we could hide the main video page from the search results. I am not in favor of this -- it seems a way of bringing folks in to see your work, and we're disabling the "share" function so they can't re-post. But of course, you guys might prefer otherwise, and we'll follow your wishes. ?? J


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