That is the question.

Lorena asked if we could turn off the "share" functions
on a video, so a Workshopper could offer a video for viewing but not
allow it to be re-posted.  The answer is Yes -- but if I turn it off for
one person, it's off for all of you. 

Does that sound like a good idea or a bad one?  Are you counting on this viral capacity, think it's normal and nice, or prefer to lose it, or don't really
care if it's there or not?

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I've been excited about the visibility this network will provide its members, especially because I have been dragging my feet in terms of setting up my own professional web site. My personal feeling is that any video you don't want seen by the public should be on Vimeo with a password, not here... As long as the share function is disabled here, that should work just fine.


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