Over the years, a few Workshoppers have slipped out of contact.  So I
thought I'd ask if you know where any of these folks are?  I guess
there's no possibility of spam attacks if I attach their email
addresses, since they don't work -- I'd love to know if you have
better ones!

VanDora Williams   vandora@quixnet.net
Rachel Ford  Rachel.Ford@mpbonline.org
Rick Leal   rickleal60@aol.com
Jeff Krulik   krulik@planetkrulik.com
Marlene Harris-Taylor  harris@wbgu.bgsu.org
Sharon McConnell  sharon@blueberryproductions.com
Katherine Weider  katherine_weider@hotmail.com
Holly Gregory   hgregory@indiana.edu
Ethan Salter  ethan@gmail.com

Probably there are a few more, too, but these are the ones I remember so far. 
Is there anyone you've lost track of?  Perhaps we can help -- this is
totally a chance to crowd-source!

best, Judith

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Jeff Krulik is available through his website: jeff@jeffkrulik.com

I'm a big fan!
Oh excellent! Me, too. I'm going to invite him now -- another great alum!
I just left Jeff Krulik a voice message telling him that he is a wanted man...
Excellent. Feel free to threaten any other MIA Workshoppers, too... ;-)
How do you guys know Jeff, btw?
He's done some awesome archival footage research for us when I was working on History Detectives. He knows the National Archives, Library of Congress, and all of that really well.
I licensed some footage he had recorded with Ernest Borgnine (Travels with Ernie? maybe) for an A&E Biography.

Highlights of that project were talking to Jeff about Heavy Metal Parking Lot and watching "Emperor of the North" in Borgnine's kitchen while he made fun of himself as the heavy.
Hi Judith,

Rachel Ford: rachelford2@gmail.com

I gave her a heads-up that you'll be contacting her.

Hope Maine was a terrific getaway for you!
It was lovely in Maine this hot summer. Nothing wrong with heat when you can dip into a clear lake any time!
Tx for Rachel's email, I'll invite her into the group today.
And you -- how's your summer? J
Try these for Van Dora Williams:

I haven't spoken to her in ages but that's the info I have.
Will do. I had something slightly different for hampton, and didn't know about yahoo.
oops you're right. It is hamptonU.edu
Well, now I'm not sure, either. My server says it was delivered to hampton.edu, so maybe the U is wrong. The proof will be if she replies, I guess. I hope she does. I haven't heard from her since the King project at Roja.


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