Just this week Francisco Bello sent some of us an email about the HBO premiere of his "El Espiritu de la Salsa" and Laura Varela sent a FB about community screenings of her "American Veteranos" in San Diego.  And I'm noticing that Workshop alums have upcoming showings on Independent Lens and other series, national and local.  So I thought I'd start a thread where we can post upcoming screenings, events, broadcasts, re-broadcasts, whatevers of our work.  We're all interested and can help spread the word.  So here's the venue -- Jump in!

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Preview Screening
As Long as I Remember: American Veteranos
Produced/Directed by Laura Varela

Aug 11, 2010 Wed at 6pm
Logan Heights Library
567 South 28th Street San Diego, CA 92113-2498 (619)-533-3968

APT broadcast premiere August 22 aptonline.org

San Diego Broadcast on KPBS
...September 6, 2010 11pm

PBS World September 20, 2010

Meet the director, Laura Varela! Hear how she was inspired by Herminia Enrique Acosta Tecihtzin, founder of the Ballet Folklorico en Aztlan

At the height of the Vietnam War, Mexican Americans and Latino’s only made up 10% of the nation’s population, nevertheless they suffered 20% of the casualties in Viet Nam. The soldier/warrior tradition is a big part of Chicano culture and continues today in our current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This film examines the personal legacy, memories and healing of the Vietnam war and asks the question, “Does a soldier, his family and community ever really heal from the wounds of war.”
The film is broadcasting right now! Here are some dates but you have to go to my website to get all the dates and markets. www.varelafilm.org

KEDT Corpus Christi, TX on main channel Sept 15 Wed @ 9Pm

KLRNDT KLRN HDTV San Antonio San Antonio TX 16-Sep Thurs 9:00PM

KSMQDT KSMQDT Rochester, MN Austin MN 16-Sep Thurs 8:30PM

NPT Nashville,TN main channel Sept 16 Thurs @ 9PM

WMVSDT WMVS HDTV Milwaukee Milwaukee WI 19-Sep Sun 10:00PM

KEMVDT AETN HDTV Little Rock, AR Mountain View AR 19-Sep Sun 1:00PM

WGTEDT2 WGTE Family Toledo Toledo OH 19-Sep Sun 9:00PM

KAFTDT AETN HDTV Ft. Smith, AR Fayetteville AR 19-Sep Sun 1:00PM

KETZDT AETN HDTV Monroe-El Dorado El Dorado AR 19-Sep Sun 1:00PM

KTEJDT AETN HDTV Jonesboro Jonesboro AR 19-Sep Sun 1:00PM
Danielle Parsons hasn't signed in yet (tsk tsk!) but sent me this email and I thought I'd share:

"Franz Kafka's dying wish was for all his books to be burned. I, on the other hand, am hoping you will come out and watch my short film, adapted from one Kafka's last and most hilariously neurotic short stories. It's totally a metaphor for life and death. Or sex and death. Or something. The film, "The Burrow," has been selected to screen at the first annual Harvardwood Film Festival this Saturday, August 14! It will be shown as part of the "Harvardwood Spectrum" program, Saturday 3pm - 5pm, I'm told toward the beginning.
For the cast and crew, thank you again for making the production so successful an experience. If you can, please come and see the result of all your excellent work. And for you friends and associates, hope you can make it on Saturday! I know, it's a lot to motivate for a 6-minute short, but the rest of the festival line-up is also awesome (http://tiny.cc/9b9oc), and everyone who shows can see me to receive a special limited-edition Kafkaesque badge of appreciation.
Harvardwood Film Festival
Los Angeles Film School
6363 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA
Saturday, Aug 14 · 3:00pm - 5:00pm $5
Thanks and hope to see you there!!
Danielle "
The Blue Oceans Film Festival will be held August 24th -29th in Monterey, CA.
I plan on being there...are any of you going? I'd love to meet up with any fellow workshoppers from other years that might be going.
Hi everyone:
our series Changing Seas now has its own YouTube channel - you can check it out (and subscribe) at:
A note from Laurens Grant:

FREEDOM RIDERS is the first feature-length documentary to tell the story of a courageous band of civil rights activists who risked death by daring to defy the laws of Jim Crow in the Deep South in 1961. They were America's first inter-racial and inter-religious mass movement to challenge segregation in bus and train facilities. Because of their efforts, the signs "whites only" and "colored only" were taken down forever.

FREEDOM RIDERS is scheduled to air on PBS' acclaimed American Experience series in May 2011 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1961 freedom rides.

"Freedom Riders" is a superb piece of filmic journalism” - Variety

View the trailer: http://freedomridersfilm.com/


Upcoming Screenings

Thurs.Sept.23 - Dallas VideoFest at 8pm Angelika Film Center, the oldest and largest video and film festival in the nation.
www.videofest.org or 214-428-8700

Fri.Sept.24 - Milwaukee Film Festival at 7:15pm
414 755 1965 | info@milwaukee-film.org |
229 E Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee Wisconsin 53202

Sat.Sept.25 - Chesapeake Film Festival 11:30am & 3:30pm
(not far from Baltimore and Washington, D.C.!)

Wed.Sept. 29 - Milwaukee Film Festival at 1:30pm
414 755 1965 | info@milwaukee-film.org |
229 E Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee Wisconsin 53202

Wed.Oct.6 at 7:30pm - Black Documentary Collective screening at Harlem Stage
RSVP www.harlemstage.org or 212-281-9240 Ext. 19 or 20

Coming Soon:
* Heartland Film Festival in Indiana
* DocuFest at Paley Center in New York
* Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita, Kansas
* Indie Memphis film festival
* Virginia Film Festival
* St. Louis festival
* Georgia festival

Stay Tuned for International Dates:
* Festival do Rio in Brazil
* Iran international film festival
* Lithuania
* Berlin

Producer Laurens Grant on Twitter @LG789
Become the film's Facebook friend: http://www.facebook.com/ride
Follow PBS on Twitter: @pbsamex
Dave MacCarn, head of WGBH's Applied Technologies department, sent a link he thought you might be interested in. It's a site that showcases the work the PTV Quality Group has done so far on delivering best HD to viewers:

Nancy Oey's documentary on the 1970's band "Heatwave" is scheduled to air September 27th on TV One for the series, UNSUNG. For more information, check out http://www.tvoneonline.com/shows/show.asp?sid=1166.
Oooh -- can you put a clip or trailer on your page? J
Will do! Thanks Judith. I hope you are well!

Part 2 of THE CALLING is on tonight on Independent Lens.  It's a mini-series about young leaders from the Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant faiths, and two of the four directors are Workshop grads: Yoni Brook ('06) and Alicia Dwyer ('05)!

(Some of you are just too modest -- here's  a note from Sabrina Gordon that I think should be shared with all:)

Hello friends and fam,


Mrs. Goundo's Daughter is premiering this Wednesday on PBS WORLD.  Mrs. Goundo's Daughter is about a young mother's fight for asylum to protect her daughter from FGM (female genital mutilation).  It's really a gripping and moving film-- without being lurid or graphic (see reviews below).  It premiered nationally at Silverdocs, where it was in competition, and in New York at The Human Rights International Film Festival at Lincoln Center.  FGM affects millions of women and girls, so it is a more urgent (and complicated) human rights issue than people realize.

I really hope you catch it this time--the broadcast begins with an interview with the filmmakers, which includes yours truly (I wonder if you'll recognize me :-)  It's short, so don't be late!  It's actually being shown throughout the day in NY-- all the times are below.  You have plenty of chances to catch it!

NYC: 8am, 2pm, 7pm, 12a
In New York (WNET/WLIW) the channels for PBS WORLD are:
Cablevision: 132
Time Warner: 164
Verizon Fios 473




(I'm sure there's PBS WORLD programming near you! - J)


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