As you may know, WGBH is launching a new web-original project this month on called "MEDAL QUEST: American Athletes and the Paralympic Games." It focuses on the Team USA athletes training for and competing at the Paralympic Games this August-September in London.  The stories of these elite athletes are exciting, inspirational, and pretty much unknown to the American public.  

On the site we've built a window for "Related Content from PBS," and I'm writing to see if you have suggestions for content we might use in this window from any of your public broadcasting projects, past or present?  We're looking for clips, programs or other content on sports, competition, disability, adaptive technology, rehabilitation (for children and adults, especially of veterans) — anything you think might be interesting and related.  We'll link to you and and stream and generally spread the word about your good work.

Please let us know asap, as we launch very soon.  And if you think of other pieces later, let us know, too.  We'll be updating our pages many times a week for the next nine months.

Thanks so much, and I'll let you know soon the web URL, Facebook page, Twitter account and more!


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Hi Judith,

When I read "adaptive technology," I thought of a segment I produced a couple of years ago on a church group that got together to adapt clothes to be more functional for veterans who had lost limbs.  A naval officer who'd lost his leg came in while they were working and they surprised him with a quilt.  Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?  We were going to put the show (about veterans coming back from the wars) on our COVE player anyway, so we could easily pull that segment out and put it on along with it.

Look forward to seeing everything,


It would fit for community support and disability and veterans, doesn't cross over into sports.  But if it's not too much trouble, please do upload it and let me know where it is -- it might work very well anyway!  And it sounds like a great piece.  tx, J

Hey Judith.

I know your site has already launched (and by the way it looks great) but I wanted to mention two friends' public media projects that might fit for what you are looking for on the "related content" front.  They didn't attend the Producers' Academy, but they might be of interest to you still.

1) Julie Wyman has a new doc called "Strong" which is about a female weightlifter in training for the Olympics, so it follows her adventure in sports and her dealing with body image issues.  It'll broadcast on Independent Lens in July, but there are ITVS related community screenings starting this Spring.  Here is a link:

2) Then Regan Brasher has recently done a doc called "Fixed".  I'm not sure of it's  distribution status but it is a documentary that explores disability, ableism, eugenics and transhumanism in the context of emerging human enhancement technologies with one of the characters being a disable athlete.  You can check out the film here:

If either look interesting let me know and I can pass along their info to you.



Hi Chris, I'm definitely interested.  We're add content every week, sometimes every day, on all our platforms, so new materials are welcome.  We should cross-promote "Strong," for sure - I'll connect Julie and my press person.  And I'll take a look at "Fixed," too, which sounds very interesting.  Do pass the info back for both!  Hope Spring is treating you well, Judith

Cool Judith and just let them know I passed their info to them as I thought their projects might be a good fit with what you are doing.

Julie Wyman's email is:

Regan Brasher's email is:

Keep on truckin'.


So cool Judith- Love this project! So glad you and your team have taken this on- I can't think of a more worthy cause for your attention than this. These are such inspiring stories of people with such strength and courage. Thank you for sharing these stories with us!

Also very cool that PBS is supporting an all digital project- seems to be the wave of the future, and Medal Quest is paving the road for all of us!


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