Marketing, Promotion, and Engagement

Learn how audience engagement can occur throughout the life of a project, and consider how to target an audience and get the right publicity.

Who Is Your Audience? (Part 1)

load who is audience 1 video

Adnaan Wasey, director of POV Digital, says it's important to identify your audiences across the life of a project. (2013)



Who Is Your Audience? (Part 2)

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Adnaan Wasey follows up with a discussion of one particular kind of audience: the influencers. (2013)



Starting Engagement Early

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Jennifer MacArthur, a multiplatform engagement strategist, suggests that engagement planning should start early in a production. (2013)



Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

load all publicity video

Cynthia Lopez, executive vice president of P.O.V., has a suprising answer to this question. (2013)




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