CPB Producers Workshopper - 4 years out

Its been four years. Which is both no time and a lot of time. Since Boston, I moved from WMHT in Albany to Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh New York to take the helm from another talented workshopper, Colin Powers, as Director of Production and Content. I worked there for about 2.5 years. In that time I earned a New England Emmy, went to Afghanistan, Rwanda, Poland and some other far less interesting places. I moved back to Albany six months ago to take a job as the new VP, Production at WMHT. I really miss the dirty hands one gets in field production but I'm learning a lot about managing a team and how to handle the financial side of production, which is very important as well. I'm trying to stay comfortable with change and I seem to have no shortage of things to do, from strategic planning and community events to project development and fundraising (and sneaking in some hands-on work in production when I can). I'm Executive Producing a number of local productions, which include some documentary films that I'm very excited about. I know that the opportunities I've had over the last would not have been possible without the Workshops. It was a big talking point during my interviews and really helped to distinguish me from the pack. Thank you again!

Here are some projects I've been involved with:







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