LEARNERS, the Workshoppers' short videos for American Graduate, are now available at any of these URLs:
http://producersworkshop.pbs.org/page/learners  (a tab on this site)
http://video.pbs.org/program/learners/ (the COVE player directly)
http://americangraduate.org/learn/national-reach.html (the national reach/"new for fall 2013" page for American Graduate)
http://americangraduate.org/learn/national-reach/145-video/new-prog...  (the landing page within American Graduate's site for our videos)

The searchable database of Workshoppers is also live.  The easiest way to access it is through this site - we have direct links on the home page and on the About tab.  People with Google accounts can also access the database directly through Google drive; the Workshop Online link does not require a google account and is completely public.  

Busy month, hope you enjoy!

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