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(2004 – Rah!)

I continue to work as a staff producer for OPB’s local history series, “Oregon Experience, “ and we’ve just wrapped-up our ninth season. My most recent projects include:

A one-hour profile of Oregon’s most productive – and most interesting – governor, the late Tom McCall.

A half-hour history of Astoria, Oregon, “the oldest continuously-inhabited town west of the Rocky Mountains.”  (And a pretty cool place, too.)

A documentary on the life and times of Ken Kesey, small-town Oregon boy, best-selling author and icon of the Psychedelic 60’s.  Four generations of Kesey family members contributed to this program.  It’s a pretty neat show, in my humble opinion.

I’m now working a documentary history of the 80-year-old Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a world-class theater company in an unlikely location.  Due to premier sometime in Fall, 2015.

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