Please Include Content on the automatic Email notifications from Producers Workshop

Dear Judith,
Perhaps Kal can help you to establish some settings by which when we receive a message from the Producers Workshop, the content of the message appears on the email notification we receive. See below, the message is just a notification, but it forces us to click on the link and open a window on the Producers Workshop.
This is not really effective.
a) if you are on your cell you may not be able to view the message on the Internet, but you could read it if it was in the body of the email, just as messages we get from Facebook when someone sends you a message.
b) it is more time consuming. you have to click on it and wait till a browser window opens. You would only want to do this when you want to reply to the thread...

Thank you!

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We'll look into it, but it turns out that some functions are just not available with Ning and this may be one of them. One can customize, I think, but we don't have the budget for that.

Anyway, let me see what's possible. I agree it would be better if the message came up directly.

Thank you, Judith!
Sorry, Chelo, this is not going to work out. We'll keep an eye on Ning updates, though, just in case we can offer it later. best, Judtih
no problem, thank you , Judith for following this up!
AHA! Ning has just offered this change. I've signed us up for it as soon as it rolls out, allegedly this week -- you should be getting full text of the messages in your notifications e-mails soon.
best, Judith
Great news! Thank you, Judith!


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