John Valadez is finishing a film, "The Longoria Affair," that will air on Independent Lens in November.  (I'm his EP.)  It looks as if we have a shot at translation money, so we are looking for a good all-in-one translation house, where they take the finished film and script and deliver back with v/o Spanish translation.  It will have to be done fairly quickly, too.  Any suggestions?
tx, Judith

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We have used a company called Transperfect for transcriptions. We have some translation needs but they were a little too pricey for us. They do also have voiceover services as well. At least looking into.
Dear Judith,
I just saw this message by chance (for some reason, it did not come to my mailbox ...?) and this maybe the 11th hour, but I am an American Translators Association certified Eng Spanish translator (and a Spanish published writer) and I work part-time as an independent Spanish translator & editor. I have an extensive resume as translator (including books and museums guidebooks—from the Metropolitan to the J. Paul Getty Museum) and for the film industry, including subtitling. This may be for future reference, since it is so late, but in your case, I could have worked out of your film and script and delivered time-coded Spanish subtitles back using a universal Spanish for a global audience. and I could send you my translator resume if you still need it.

Tansperfect, mentioned by Michael Ballard, is a large corporation and v. pricey, I agree. I have worked for Transperfect a few times but only for conference and on-site interpreting and certain specialized translations. I never work for them as a translator as their rates for translators are ridiculously low and I would not bet on them to provide a good translation.)

John Valadez was a mentor at NALIP's Latino Producers Academy which I attended in 2008 and we saw a rough cut of his very interesting film, so I would have loved to work on it.

All the best,
Hi Chelo,
It's good to know this, but John is already moving forward with a translator named Liliana Valenzuela; she did AmEx's translation for Carlos Sandoval's film, among others. I'll let John know, though, in case something changes or he needs more assistance. It's very exciting that we got the support to SAP broadcast and also stream the program in Spanish!
I don't think I sent this as a note to all, just posted to the Forum area. I think there should be a setting somewhere that lets you get e-notification of Forum posts? But I'm not sure.
BTW, I think the film you saw at NALIP must have been another film, "Latin Music USA: The Chicano Wave" or "Last Conquistador," perhaps? This is a newer one.
best, Judith
Thank you, Judith.
I will subscribe to the Forum then.
Yes, it was "Last Conquistador," I made a mistake when writing my message.
Congratulations on the Spanish broadcast, can't wait to see it!
Congratulations on the SAP broadcast! You are helping Spanish-speaking artists survive!
Thanks, all. John and Pam made a decision and are recording, so I'll close this discussion. Appreciate all the good suggestions! Judith


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