On the last day of the 2010 workshop, our breakout group gracefully agreed to use my doc, "The Spirit of Sacajawea," to create a marketing/promotion strategy for its' November 2010 release via PBS Plus.  A big shout out to the group -- Thank you!!  We have implemented many facets of the strategy and it is paying off.  
Programmers are picking it up and we're hearing from the press as well.  I am most appreciative.   This is one example of many of the ongoing impact of the workshop.  
Advice and contacts from Ali, Colin, Nancy & Matt have been a tremedous help as well.
Just this past Friday, I was in Bozeman, Montana where I met fellow workshopper Michael Ballard for lunch and, afterwards, a meeting with his Program Director at Montana PBS.  I didn't even have to ask him to program our show.  Thanks to Michael's recommendation, he already has it programmed for Thanksgiving night in Prime time.  
Would love to hear about the ripple effect of the workshop from others....

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So gratifying to hear this news, Beverly!
It's not quite the same as your story, but I did recently have the pleasure of meeting Workshop grad Barbara Allen for breakfast here in Chicago--nice to make a new professional friend I might not have met had it not been for the Workshop.
Hope you're doing well...
Very cool story Beverly and congrats on the success! There are quite a few of us from the Class of '06 who stay in touch on a pretty regular basis. Not only do I consider them friends, they are all a wonderful source of information and encouragement in the wonderful world of production!

That said, talented producer/artist/fellow workshopper, Laura Varella from San Antonio, is screening her work on the East Coast and several of us are getting together Sunday evening for a long overdue face-to-face visit. I can't wait!
Thank you! Where on the East Coast?
Congratulations! Keep up the hard work.
Haven't been on this site for a while, so I'm a little late in congratulating you! Let me know when you're expected out West in L.A....
Thank you! I expect to have a shoot in San Fran some time in early 2011, hoping to dovetail that with a visit to San Diego. Perhaps a stop in LA on the way to SD will work. I'll let you know once I have specifics.

Hope all is well with you.
Caught the tail end of The Spirit of Sacajawea of the local PBS out of Phoenix last month.


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