5 Trending Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

As the year 2020 comes to a close, a flashback will reveal what kind of a year it was in terms of online earning opportunities. It was a year where more people joined the online money-making opportunities as they stayed in their homes following restrictions of movement, 

As a result, most traditional opportunities like babysitting, doing surveys, typing, and transcription were taken up. What opportunities are there for 2021?  

First point betting

First point betting is one of the best-known channels to make money online. First point betting is easy to master and is not complicated, even if you are new to betting. There are various ways you can bet and if you get the basics right, the chances of a win increase considerably. 

In America, betting controls a staggering figure of 118 billion per annum, making it a major choice for making money in 2021. According to ATS.io, sports betting is now legalized following a supreme court ruling in May 2018, meaning you are free to do college football betting and earn money online in 2021.  


A report released in September 2020 shows the average annual earnings for a painter is between $60 thousand to $81 thousand. The rate can go beyond $100 thousand depending on experience and speed. 

By 2021, you can earn painting various items like drapers, mugs, flower pots, pieces of wood, crafts, traditional artifacts, souvenirs, etc. the best approach is to work as a freelancer painter so that you can get hired by different people from different places. 

Your painting business can give you great travel opportunities around the states and sometimes international. Using your social media account, you can advertise your painting business and get seamless business. 


Dropshipping is like retailing, with the only difference in the way you retail. You create your dropshipping store online and begin marketing certain fast-moving consumer products using a third-party store like Amazon, eBay, Walmart or hundreds of other big traders that offers you the option to be a dropshipper.

It’s easy as pie and involves very little costs. When the customer places an order, you purchase it from a third party and get it delivered to the customer. It means you do not have to stock or make a heavy investment. 

The most active drop shipper earns about $100,000 per annum, making dropshipping a viable investment. You also get to enjoy the freedom of self-employment while earning more than most average earners in employment would get. 

Handmade jewelry

It is possible to make money selling handmade jewelry online in 2021. If you want to have better chances of selling, stay away from fear, and use some of the following means. 

Create jewelry that is not common. Non-common jewelry means your piece should be unique in shape, color, and the material used. Do not depend on other people to make your jewelry. Create your pieces and sell. You get the benefit of maximum profit and you gain experience of a better jeweler. 

Market your jewelry online or supply it to jewelry stores. Once you get established, you can add to your team some good marketers to expand the business. 


Gaming could be one of the most recent avenues for making online money in 2021. Online gaming has several opportunities like the quality assurance tester, entertainer and streamer, or twitch. 

An experienced gamer can make as much as $15 thousand per hour. The figure is correct - $15,000 an hour. If you have the vigor and ambitions, 2021 can be your gaming year and you can make a fortune easily. 

Online gaming is common among youthful gamers, college and school students. You can start playing alone and gain some experience or you can even join two or more friends and form a team. Once you gain confidence, look for gaming tournaments near you or join the national tournaments.

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