5 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2021

There are several trending businesses that have emerged for 2021. Eager to rebuild after a disastrous 2020, these businesses are set to make their mark. Some added skillsets may be needed but there are many training courses available.


Many people have had to retrain after losing employment in 2020 and find work in areas that will survive and being to thrive in 2021. Their stories make for inspirational reading, finding focus in doing something completely new. Here are some trending businesses:


Construction and heavy equipment


The construction and earthmoving industries will make a slow but steady growth in 2021. There is some hype around these industries already and after some stabilization in the first quarter will see much movement.


My Little Salesman can be of service with heavy equipment, including farm equipment and lifting equipment for sale or rent. At MyLittleSalesman.com, there are displays heavy equipment needed for several industries, from construction and earthmoving to farming and materials handling. This equipment is new and used and can be sold or hired.


Cleaning and restoration


This is being hyped as one of the most needed industries right now. Office cleaning and home cleaning are two of the most mooted activities that are in demand. Safety control, water damage management, fire hazard protection, and office layouts are just some areas of this multi-faceted industry that need attention. Warehousing is a necessary part of the logistical makeup for distribution and is calling out for restoration.


The installation of specialized ventilation and heating units is also much in demand. This is all part of facilities management, an industry that is set to become more prominent in 2021. There are a host of training courses that are available that will be very advantageous to this new career path. 


Online tutoring


Working from home is the new normal and online tutoring is much in demand. This can involve teaching in the most needed areas – new languages and basic skill sets. Apart from the people scattered all over the world who need this training, there are many at-home who are choosing this option overnight schooling.


Most areas don't require teaching degrees but having sound knowledge of the subjects being taught is naturally a must. There are courses from training institutions that can be done. When it comes to language learning, most in-demand is learning English as a second language for foreigners in countries abroad. This will provide a steady and good income.


Fitness classes


Getting back to the gym is on most people's minds. Fitness classes can be provided as a necessary activity in getting back to shape. This can be provided at the local gym if they agree, or there may be an area at home that can be turned into a training area. There are many fitness instructors' courses that can be taken, and these are in demand.


These courses are necessary to provide the basics needed to be able to instruct others. Anything that may cause harm must naturally be avoided at all costs. Training is normally provided at night so this needn't affect a day job.


Electrical and plumbing


Again, this may be a new skill set that is needed or may come quite naturally. As the economy slowly starts to recover, businesses are needing attention. Electrical and plumbing crews are being called in to assess equipment and make necessary changes and replacements.


For the safety of tenants, this is needed above anything else. For office buildings and homes, this is one of the top trending industries. Any work must pass standard regulations and if you work as a licensed electrician or plumber and show skills at work, the chances of getting a new business increase.

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