Galapagos Voyagers Travel Specialists Capture the Essence of the Galapagos

As a British writer and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough has written and presented many amazing nature documentaries. He has traveled to the Galapagos Islands several times and says that of all the wonderful places he has visited, there are none quite so extraordinary as these islands. 


A holiday to the Galapagos could quite possibly be the most extraordinary getaway of your life. 


Be part of an all-encompassing tour


The amazing Galapagos Islands are made up of 13 large islands, although only a few of them, perhaps 4 or so are inhabited. Some tourists relish the idea of something more remote, and they opt to stay at luxury safari camps where they can enjoy a true safari experience that brings them closer to nature.


To get the best of the island and to know where to find the best attractions, there is no beating a proper tour as then you get a proper insight into the island with on-the-spot information and details – quite frankly everything you need to get a true sense of life on the island.


Voyagers Travel offers exceptional and personalized tourism services to you and they want to share all of the island’s history, flora and fauna, the people and the island’s culture with you. Tours include all the travel details you’ll need for a most amazing, adventurous time.  


Best times to go


The Galapagos Islands are wonderful throughout the entire year, but different times of the year do give you different opportunities and things to see and do, and the amazing wildlife and vegetation is always there to show off to you for photos. 


If you simply have to have an answer as to when the best time is to visit the islands, then maybe it’s between December and May as this is when the sun shines the most with temperatures being between 27- and 31°C. 


There’s plenty of opportunity for sightseeing and pursuing outdoor activities. If you prefer cooler temperatures, from June to November, the Humboldt Current brings cooler temperatures but this also attracts different bird- and marine life


Getting around the archipelago


When you visit this most wonderful volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, there is so much to see and do that you may want to extend your stay. Isabela Island is one of the biggest in the archipelago and is sought after for the Equator Line that crosses the island. Urbina Bay, situated at the foothills of volcanoes, is also a top attraction. 


The island of San Cristobal has a nice waterfront and some stylish restaurants. 

One thing is sure, whatever you want to see, you’ll return home with fascinating, clear-cut memories. The best way to see all that the islands offer is by means of a tourist yacht or ship and you can bet, there are plenty of cruise deals up for grabs – you just have to make an early booking.  


Entertaining, exciting islands


A trip to Santa Cruz Island will reveal some awesome wildlife, from sea lions to giant tortoises to pelicans and crabs. If you like, you can actually spend days onboard a boat that takes you around to the different islands and where you get time to dive and snorkel. 


You’ll also get the chance to visit islands covered with birds. In fact, the Galapagos Albatross is an endangered species, and apart from Española’s breeding colony, there is another colony on Genovesa Island in northern Galapagos.


There is also the chance to walk through lava fields and see many iguanas basking in the sun. On San Cristobal Island, there is a beautiful beach and Interpretation Center where you can get enthralling information on the history of the amazing Galapagos islands before exploring the small town.

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