Going Green: Tips for Energy Efficient Offices

It is no secret that the world is in trouble. The environment has taken some severe hits, but more and more people are starting to acknowledge that something has to be done to turn things around. Green technology and development are at an all-time high and many businesses have also jumped on the train to make their offices more eco-friendly. 

There are several benefits to going green but the two that top the list have to be saving money and getting more business. People are looking to invest in companies that have a handle on sustainability. It also happens that going green could save your company a lot of money in the long run. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to get your office set. 

Upgrade the electrical circuit

Solar energy is great for areas that have a lot of sunlight. However, it is not the most reliable source when it can rain for weeks on end. Before trying to fit your office with a new solar grid, you should invest in upgrading the electrical system of your office. To do the job right, you need a professional team who has been around the block. 

Bates Electric provides industrial and commercial electrical services, which means no job is too big or too small. They will overhaul your interior and exterior wiring and lighting. Once they are done with your office, you will not believe the drop in your utility bill. 

Going paperless

Technology has advanced to such a degree that there is no need for paper to be wasted in the office. Digital alternatives are around every corner and although it might bear an initial cost to the company, you will save on printing costs. 

Not only does going paperless save stationary expenses, but it also saves on space. When you go digital, there is no need for those bulky filing cabinets any longer. The more ways you can find to save paper, the more money you will save as well. 

Hog the natural light

Ever hear of a greenhouse? There is no substitute for natural light. Not only does the light make for a more tranquil environment, but it also encourages productivity. People who work in a naturally well-lit environment are said to be 15% more productive. 

Allowing the sun to light your office will also help you save on electricity. While you are saving electricity with lights, install sensors to switch the lights off when there are no people in the office and replace all the light fixtures with LEDs.

Make small changes

Although you might not notice it right away, small changes can have a huge impact over some time. Setting your thermostat to switch on the AC at a degree or two above the current level already makes a dent in the utility bill after a while. 

The same can be said for heating the office. No one is going to notice that small a change in the temperature of the office. Whenever office equipment is bought, do your research and buy the product that is the most energy-efficient. 

Encourage recycling

There would be no pollution if it were not for people, so why not set incentives for your office staff to recycle more. By setting monthly green goals, you could even inspire the staff to collaborate and do a bit of team building in the process. 

When you put incentives in place for recycling, reducing, and reusing innovation, people will grab at the opportunity. It often happens that when people are made aware of their bad habits that they become a bigger ambassador for green living than you might have thought. 

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