Old Age Independence and Mobility Issues

Growing old can be a very frustrating experience, especially if your mind is still sharp. While you think that you are still able to do the things that you could while younger, your body is the thing that will rebel. 

The main issue that creeps in is connected to mobility. As soon as a person is unable to get around independently, they feel inferior or like a burden on the people around them. 

Taking charge of your mobility

When a person’s mobility deteriorates, taking charge and looking at alternatives is a must. There is nothing better than the outdoors having fun, except for when you cannot get around. The whole point of getting outside is to enjoy the fresh air and nature that surrounds you. 

There is no need to give that up, especially when there are superb outdoor mobility scooters available. Scooters ‘n Chairs boasts a wide selection of outdoor scooters that can tackle the rough terrain of the outdoors. There are amazing models out there, some of them even suitable for two people. After all, the only thing better than enjoying nature is enjoying it with someone special. 

Keeping what you have

Many elderly people give up much too easily on their mobility. At the first signs of deterioration, they tend to give up and opt for assistive devices. Granted, it is necessary in some cases, but there are other times where a bit of rehabilitating exercises can work wonders. 

Those who have been kind to their joints and bones and have kept up a level of activity will be able to maintain their independence for longer. The key is to stay active and not let up on regular exercise. Low impact sports and activities like water aerobics work wonder for muscle strength and preserving mobility. 

Make some adjustments at home

Your independence is not only dependent on your ability to move around but also on your environment. There are several changes that you can make to your home that will increase your time of independence. Installing ramps and rails throughout the house is perfect for that extra stability and support. 

The number of stairs and steps in a home can also be reduced by installing ramps. You should also invest in some age-specific furniture, like a mounted shower seat and a monkey bar that is suspended above your bed. There are several other practical changes that you can make, but your level of mobility and independence will dictate the changes. 

Choose to stand more

Many elderly people tend to lose their mobility because they tend to sit too much. Those who experience a rapid decline in their mobility sit an average of 13 hours a day. This type of behavior does not bode well for joint and muscle strength. 

The temptation to sit more is overwhelming, which is why you should make a conscious decision to stand more and move around more. Meeting up with friends every day for a walk or making a conscious decision to reduce those hours are vital for preserving mobility. 

Healthy foods

Maintaining a healthy diet is as important to mobility and independence as regular exercise. As our bodies get older, they also become less efficient in absorbing all the nutrients needed to build new cells. Our bones become frail because we cannot absorb enough calcium and magnesium and the same goes for other nutrients. 

This makes it even more important to eat a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients needed to stay healthy and mobile. Together with the food we eat, water also becomes more important as our bodies dry out and make movement even harder.  

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