Online screening/discussion of EcoShakespeare

If you're thinking of using OVEE to do an online screening of your documentary, try it out as a viewer first.  We have an online screening/discussion of "EcoShakespeare" today at 1pm ET.  I'm moderating so I'll be there.   The producer of this program is Rob Diaz de Villegas (also a Producers Workshop attendee!) and he'll be online too.  Go to to join the conversation (or if you just want to see how Rob managed to combine the Ecology of North Florida/South Georgia and Shakespeare into a very cool and creative documentary!)

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Comment by Judith Vecchione on April 13, 2015 at 1:23pm

Very interesting.  I'd love to know others' experience with OVEE, too.  We've used them for WORLD Channel (for American By The Numbers and America ReFramed, among others), and it seems to me the numbers are small, too.  I'd love to know who's found it successful, what their metrics of success were, what they did to reach them.  Well, we'll have to keep sharing and eventually we should find out!  tx, Judith

Comment by Suzanne Smith on April 13, 2015 at 1:18pm

I wish I had thought to post it sooner. Sorry about that. We like the OVEE's potential, but haven't had a whole lot of participants outside panelists (who are really excited by the opportunity as well.) We're still introducing people to OVEE and getting use to it ourselves. We've done a couple of national programs, but this was our first local program that we did using it.   It went well as far as good conversation and engagement, number of participants is still low (probably about 10 in addition to our panel of 6). We hope to build that up as time goes on.  We've found that the actual time of the OVEE along with the amount of social media promotion you do is critical.  We'll be doing another local one on Independent Lens' the Homestretch on April 22nd at 8pm.  We've got some great local people on that panel too and are doing more promotion. 

Comment by Judith Vecchione on April 13, 2015 at 1:07pm
Sorry to have missed this, I was working yesterday and didn't see it until today. Would have loved to see it. How did it work for you, do you think?

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