Smarter Employee Management Planning in a Virtual Work Environment

Just how does an office manager keep tabs on remote workers? Smart employee management is about having the best skills to manage teams who work in different locations and at different times. Modern apps allow employers to monitor employees to make sure they’re productive during office hours. 

Keep track of productivity 

Employees working virtually has increased dramatically with covid-19 and it will become a way of life now. is an IT company with a team of time management experts who have come up with an excellent time tracking tool. The tool keeps track of where your staff works and also from any device. You can even set their mobile Time Clock to take a photo of employees once they clock in. 

Clock in and out is with any web browser, too, be it Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox. Forget about working with spreadsheets with this all-in-one tracking solution where you get detailed breakdowns of time for all employees every day.

It’s as simple as signing up and installing a free mobile app on any of your devices running on Android or iOS. There is absolutely no need to invest in any kind of complicated infrastructure. 

Equip remote employees

Some employees never dreamed that they would be working from home. Suddenly finding themselves at home might mean they don’t have the equipment and technology they were used to at the office. 

Do they have the equipment and the know-how if you want to conduct zoom meetings with them? The way things were done in the office can be completely different when working remotely from home. If you want employees to attend virtual meetings, do they understand how it works and do they have the right webcams? 

Set out guidelines

Managers in charge of remote working staff have to find new ways of keeping tabs on staff now that they can no longer interact with them face to face. 

Before any manager decides on the way forward, they need to provide their workers with guidelines. They need to give them clarity on milestones for tasks, understand their availability and make sure that they can be reached whenever needed. 

They will need to establish expectations with their remote staff to ensure ongoing consistency. Whether they work night or day shouldn’t matter too much, so long as the work is coming in as it should. 

Schedule regular meetings

Once you have employees working remotely, it’s time to schedule that first meeting where you go over all the procedures you expect from your remote team. You will be communicating regularly with them. 

You may want to have a regular meeting every two weeks with your team and you may also want some one-on-one meetings for certain employees. You have to determine which of your staff could do with a ‘touching base’ meeting. 

Those who are able to work independently need to know that they can check in whenever they need to. Video calls can be a good way to recreate a regular office feel.

A culture of trust

Smart employee management is about developing a culture of trust. People who are working are mature individuals and that means trusting them to act maturely and to make responsible choices about how they deliver their work. 

When changing work systems such as what Covid-19 has brought about, it is important to have team agreements that lay out expectations, where employees let you know how they are working and making progress and where they immediately report any problems that can hinder the output of work.  

Managers have to use their skills to be alert to problems and challenges that staff may encounter with working in new ways. If an employee is just not able to deliver results without being constantly checked on, then these problems need to be quickly addressed.

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